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Sipho Mona

General Manager

Sipho Mona has been with the Academy since the start and has moved through the ranks, from rider to team manager to his current position of General Manager.

Since October 2014, Sipho has managed the activities and personnel within the organisation and is also the contact person for sponsorship proposals, memberships and events.



Suzi Broomberg

Administration Manager and Media enquiries

Suzi Broomberg has been part of the Academy since its formation in 2003.

Suzi takes care of all administrative matters, including race entries and our financials which are audited on an annual basis.

Shaun Doch (Trainee Public Relations Manager) will assist Suzi with all internal and external communication for the Academy as well as media enquiries.

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Birthday: 16th December

Born: Cape Town

Where do you currently live: On a farm near Worcester

Tell us about your family (are you married/children etc): I have two children.


Do you cycle, socially or competitively: Occasionally

Are any of your family members involved in cycling: Matt Eagar, my son.

When was the first bicycle/time you rode a bike (age and circumstances): I just remember careering down a hill out of control!

What do you love most about cycling: Being outdoors.


What is your current job: Admin Manager – Velokhaya LCA

What was your first ever job: Medical Technologist

What are some of the lessons you have learnt along the way i.e. on your journey between your first job and your current career: Don’t give up


What are your interests/hobbies – what do you do to relax: Horse riding, travelling, reading

Which person has inspired you, and why: More than one and for different reasons There are many people who inspire me for different reasons at different times.

Which person – dead or alive – would you most like to meet/have met and why: Nelson Mandela – his humility inspires me.

What is the best advice you ever received and who gave it to you: I’m not sure that I listened to advice but rather relied on wisdom gained along the way.

How do you overcome challenges: Stay positive, don’t give up and have faith in the appropriate outcome.

What is your message of inspiration to the youth of today – particularly those living in townships: Follow your dreams and believe in possibilities.

If you had one wish for the LCA – what would that be: Continue to attract sponsors in order to grow over the next ten years and give more young people the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

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